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PDF icon A. 2017.05.15 Minutes.pdf360.43 KB
PDF icon A. 2017.06.05 Retiree Meeting.pdf71.13 KB
PDF icon A. 2017.06.07 special meeting.pdf82.5 KB
PDF icon A. 2017.06.10 special meeting.pdf67.74 KB
PDF icon A. 2017.06.13 special meeting.pdf77.69 KB
PDF icon A. Board Recognition - June 2017.pdf266.45 KB
PDF icon B. 2017-18 SY CALENDAR -Amendment -draft - 6-9-17.pdf464.19 KB
PDF icon B. Option 2 for board v1.pdf474.2 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2430 co-curricular activities - 1st read 6-15-17.pdf214.07 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5300 AUTOMATED EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATORS (AEDS) - 1st read 06-15-17.pdf72.91 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5600 Pupil Discipline-Code of student Conduct - 1st read 06-15-17.pdf237.88 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6112 REIMBURSEMENT OF FEDERAL AND OTHER GRANT EXPENDITURES - 1st read 06-15-17.pdf191.95 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6311 CONTRACTS FOR GOODS OR SERVICES FUNDED BY FEDERAL GRANTS - 1st read 06-15-17.pdf184.32 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6362 CONTRIBUTIONS TO BOARD MEMBERS AND CONTRACT AWARDS - 1st read 06-15-17.pdf188.69 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 8506 SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM BIOSECURITY PLAN - 1st read 06-15-17.pdf183.01 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 8550 Outstanding Food Charges - 1st read 06-15-17.pdf59.71 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 8630 Bus Driver Responsibility - 1st read 06-15-17.pdf177.97 KB
PDF icon C. 3570 personnel fiscal and job description and summer school.pdf635.62 KB
PDF icon C. 3571 personnel substitute.pdf78.69 KB
PDF icon C. 3572 transfer or removal of non domiciled stds.pdf6.55 KB
PDF icon C. 3573 ABC out of distrct plcmnts PUBLIC.pdf135.39 KB
PDF icon C. 3574 curriculum REV.pdf65.46 KB
PDF icon C. 3575 Affirm HIB Report - Month of May 2017.pdf175.89 KB
PDF icon C. 3576 Amend 2017-2018 School Yr calendar.pdf520.78 KB
PDF icon C. 3577A-G Approve Spec Ed Settlement Agrmnts - June 2017.pdf189.93 KB
PDF icon C. 3578A-AT FINANCIALS.pdf301.64 KB
PDF icon C. 3579 Strategic Plan Implementation Schedule 2017 2018.pdf177.58 KB
PDF icon C. 3580 Approve Research Proposal by staff member.pdf93.08 KB
PDF icon C. 3581 Approve Contracts Asst. Supt Admin BA Bd Sec and Asst Supt CI.pdf175.83 KB
PDF icon D. CEO Lets Talk Update 6 9 2017.pdf332.93 KB