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PDF icon A. Board Recognitions_May 2020 REV.pdf113.23 KB
PDF icon A. 2020.04.20 Regular Meeting Minutes.pdf398.36 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 0169.02 Board member use of social networks - 1st read 5-11-20.pdf155.17 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 0173 Duties of public school accountant - 2nd read 5-11-2020.pdf105.77 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 1230 Superintendent's duties - 1st read 5-20-20.pdf162.89 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 1310 Employment of School Business Adminstrator - Board Secretary - 2nd read 5-11-20.pdf176.79 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5310 Health services - 2nd read 5-11-20.pdf198.92 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5752.1 Student Post maternal accommodations - 1st read 5-11-20.pdf133.1 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6141 Tax Revenues - 1st read 5-11-20.pdf54.19 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6110 Federal funds - 1st read 5-11-20.pdf55.13 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6120 State funds - 1st read 5-11-20.pdf94.92 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6160 Soliciting and approval of grants from private sources - 1st read 5-11-20.pdf99.21 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6210 Fiscal Planning - 1st read 5-11-20.pdf54.33 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6230 Budget hearing - 1st read 5-11-20.pdf55.77 KB
PDF icon C 4008 Personnel Resolution Reappoint Lists all 200511.pdf110.33 KB
PDF icon C 4009 Personnel Resolution PUBLIC (2).pdf317.75 KB
PDF icon C. 4010A,B-5.11.2020 OUT OF DISTRICT PLACEMENTS (Public) A_2019-2020 RSY, B_2020-2021 ESY (1).pdf405.12 KB
PDF icon C. 4011 A-S Financials.pdf145.12 KB
PDF icon C. 2020.05.11 Reorganziational Resolution 1-47.pdf93.92 KB
PDF icon C. 2020 - 2021 calendar reorg MEETING.pdf115.65 KB
PDF icon C. 4012 Adopt board policies - May 2020.pdf18.6 KB
PDF icon C. 4013 Affirmation of HIB for the month of April 2020.pdf96.95 KB
PDF icon C. 4014 New Course Resolution May 11, 2020.pdf104.3 KB
PDF icon C. 4015 BOE officers and committees revised.pdf186.79 KB