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PDF icon A. 2021.07.12 Special meeting.pdf142.77 KB
PDF icon A. 2021.07.19 Regular Meeting Minutes.pdf381.57 KB
PDF icon A. 2021.07.22. Special Meeting Board Retreat.pdf247.55 KB
PDF icon B. District Goals & YEAR IN REVIEW _August 2021.pptx.pdf2.25 MB
PDF icon B. Policy 2414 Programs and Services for Students in High Poverty and High Need School Districts - 2nd read 8-16-21.pdf78.76 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2415 Every Student Succeeds Act - 2nd read 8-16-21.pdf252.86 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2415.05 Student surveys, analysis and or evaluations - 1st read 8-16-21.pdf311.42 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5111 Admission of resident-Non-resident student - 1st read 8-16-21.pdf312.14 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5350 Student suicide prevention - 2nd read 8-16-21.pdf293.55 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 9322 Drug Free School Zones - 2nd read 8-16-21.pdf232.24 KB
PDF icon C. 4178 Personnel Resolution with Job Descriptions and Stipend List.pdf193.5 KB
PDF icon C. 4179 Substitute Resolution.pdf39.5 KB
PDF icon C. 4180 8.16.2021 OUT OF DISTRICT PLACEMENTS (Public) A_2021 ESY_ B_2021-22 RSY.pdf177.25 KB
PDF icon C. 4181A-P RESOLUTIONS (1).pdf413 KB
PDF icon C. 4182 Book Adoption Resolution August 16, 2021.pdf156.3 KB
PDF icon C. 4183 Affirmation of HIB for the month of July 2021.docx.pdf32.58 KB
PDF icon C. 4184 A-C Special Education Settlement Agreement - Aug 2021.docx.pdf51.22 KB
PDF icon C. 4185A-D Adopt and Abolish board policies - August 2021.docx.pdf44.16 KB
PDF icon C. 4186 Amend Confidential Special Education Settlement Agreement - August 2021.docx.pdf33.67 KB
PDF icon C. 4187 Approve Vacation Option for Excess Vacation Days (1).pdf53.04 KB
PDF icon C. 4188 Approval of Superintendent_s Merit Bonus.pdf49.18 KB
PDF icon C. 4189 Amend BOE Committee Appts and Liaison Assignments for the 2021 Calendar Year w-attached committee chart.pdf148.07 KB
PDF icon C. 4190 Commitment to Renaming Jefferson Resolution.docx (3).pdf68.6 KB