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PDF icon A. 2019.10.28 Regular Meeting.pdf522.31 KB
PDF icon A. Board Recognition nov 2019.pdf82.77 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 0146 Board Member Authority - 2nd read 11-18-19.pdf108.92 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3124 employment contract - 2nd read 11-18-19.pdf99.53 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3125 employment of teaching staff members - 2nd read 11-18-19.pdf196.17 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3126 District mentoring program - 2nd read 11-18-19.pdf180.02 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3144 certification of tenure charges - 2nd read 11-18-19.pdf100.61 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3159 teaching staff mbr-schl dist reporting responsbilities - 1st read 11-18-19.pdf132.7 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3218 Use, Possession, or distribution of Substances - 1st read 11-18-19.pdf185.48 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3431.1 Family leave - 1st read 11-18-19.pdf377.28 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 4218 Use, Possession, or Distribution of Substances - 1st read 11-18-19.pdf113.82 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6660 Student Activity Fund - 2nd read 11-18-19.pdf215.06 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 8420 Emergency and Crisis situation - 2nd read 11-18-19.pdf87.3 KB
PDF icon C. 3941 Personnel Resolutions w job description.pdf455.76 KB
PDF icon C. 3942 Substitute Resolutions (1).pdf7.71 KB
PDF icon C. 3943 - 11.18.2019 OUT OF DISTRICT PLACEMENTS (Public) 2019-20 RSY (1).pdf112.73 KB
PDF icon C. 3944A-L FINANCIALS.pdf145.86 KB
PDF icon C. 3945 Book Adoption nov 2019.pdf85.16 KB
PDF icon C. 3946 Curriculum nov 2019.pdf12.99 KB
PDF icon C. 3947 School Field Trip Destinations Nov 2019.pdf72.26 KB
PDF icon C. 3948 Affirmation of HIB for the month of Oct 2019.pdf98.17 KB
PDF icon C. 3949 Approve Special Education Settlement Agreement - Nov 2019.pdf133.08 KB
PDF icon C. 3950 Adopt Board Policies - nov 2019.pdf191.18 KB
PDF icon C. 3951 transfer or removal of non-domiciled stds.pdf82.74 KB