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PDF icon A. 2020.07.11 Special Meeting Board Retreat (1).pdf238.82 KB
PDF icon A. 2020.07.13.2020 Board Retreat.pdf209.52 KB
PDF icon A. 2020.07.15.2020 Board Retreat.pdf95.12 KB
PDF icon A. 2020.07.20 regulr meeting minutes.pdf466.32 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2468 Independent Educational Evaluations -2nd read 8-17-20.pdf69.85 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6423 Expenditures for Non-Employee Activities, Meals and Refreshments - 2nd read 8-17-20.pdf224.04 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6450 Choice of Vendor - 2nd read 8-17-20.pdf54 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6470 Payment of Claims - 2nd read 8-17-20.pdf140.9 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6510 Payroll Authorization - 2nd read 8-17-20.pdf140 KB
PDF icon B. 1250-Visitors (1)-MA.pdf164.86 KB
PDF icon B.1648 Restart and Recovery Plan - NEWMA.pdf204.62 KB
PDF icon B.1648.02 Remote Learning Option for Families- track changes MA.pdf348.16 KB
PDF icon B.3212 Attendance - w-tracked changes MA.pdf135.82 KB
PDF icon B.3510-Operation-and-Maintenance-of-Plant (NJSBA)- track changes MA.pdf318.78 KB
PDF icon B.3541.33-Transportation-Safety (NJSBA).pdf129.16 KB
PDF icon B.4212 attendance - tracked changes 2.pdf166.29 KB
PDF icon B.5120 assignment of students - with tracked changes MA.pdf433.14 KB
PDF icon B.5141.2-Illness (1).pdf133.2 KB
PDF icon B. 5141.3-Health-Examinations-and-Immunizations.pdf187.84 KB
PDF icon B.5310 Health services - w-tracked changes 7-29-20MA.pdf326.05 KB
PDF icon B.5320 Immunization w-tracked changesMA.pdf531.63 KB
PDF icon B.8420 Emergency and Crisis situation - w-tracked changes MA.pdf245.1 KB
PDF icon B.8451 Control of Communicable Disease - w-tracked changes 7-29-20MA.pdf364.77 KB
PDF icon B.9150 School Visitors w-tracked changes MA.pdf292.34 KB
PDF icon C 4037 Personnel Resolution PUBLIC (3) + attchs.pdf1.39 MB
PDF icon C 4038 Substitute Resolution.pdf276.89 KB
PDF icon C. 4039 8.17.2020 OUT OF DISTRICT PLACEMENTS (Public) A_2020 ESY, B_2020-21 RSY.pdf235.39 KB
PDF icon C. 4040A-Q FINANCIALS.pdf207.18 KB
PDF icon C. 4041 Book Adoption Resolution August 17, 2020.pdf145.73 KB
PDF icon C. 4042 Curriculum Resolution.pdf38.12 KB
PDF icon C. 4043 Adopt board policies - Aug 2020.pdf18.92 KB
PDF icon C. 4044 A-C confidential spec ed set.pdf196.46 KB
PDF icon C. 4045 SOMEA grievance August 2020.pdf138.95 KB
PDF icon C. 4046 student's bill of rights.pdf209.79 KB