November 16, 2020 Regular Session

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Monday, November 16, 2020 - 7:30pm


School District of South Orange Maplewood, 525 Academy Street, Maplewood, NJ 07040


Monday, November 16, 2020   


Using online video conference platform

(The instructions are placed at the end of the agenda) 



Call to Order – Announcement of Notice 

Pledge of Allegiance 

Oath of Office

  • Lily Forman, Student Board Representative

  • Jakhi Lodgson-McCray, Alternate Student Board Representative

Roll Call  

Board Recognition

Approval of Board Minutes: Executive Session and Regular Session - October 19, 2020



The school board meeting is a business meeting in public and not a meeting with the public. Oftentimes it may appear to members of our audience that the Board of Education takes action with very little comment and in many cases a unanimous vote. Before a matter is placed on the agenda at a public meeting, the Administration has thoroughly reviewed the matter with the Superintendent of Schools/Chief School Administrator (CSA). If the Superintendent of Schools/Chief School Administrator is satisfied that the matter is ready to be presented to the Board of Education, it is then referred to the appropriate Board Committee.  The Members of the Board Committee work with Administration and the Superintendent to assure that the members fully understand the matter. After the committee discusses the matter, it is presented to the full Board for discussion before any action is taken. Only then, is it placed on the agenda for action at a public meeting. 


  • SSDS 2019/2020 School Year







Please note that Public Speaks is not a time for dialogue with the Board of Education – It is an opportunity for you to share a comment with the Board of Education. In addition, by law, administrators and Board of Education members are not permitted to publicly discuss personnel matters, student discipline, or other issues requiring confidentiality.  While we may not respond to comments, all input shared with the Board of Education is taken very seriously, and will inform future deliberations and work by the Board of Education and its committees.  



  • Committee Reports  



Approve:  A) Retirement; B) Resignations; C)Rescind Appointment; D) Appointments; E) Leave Replacement Appointments; F) Change in Start Date; G) Change in End Date; H) Leave of Absence; I) Salary Adjustments; J) Stipends; K) Curriculum Writer


Approve:   A) Appointment of Substitute State Certified Teacher; B) Appointments of OOD Coaches; C) Appointment of Home Instructor 


Approve:  A) 2020 Extended School Year OOD Placements; B) 2020-2021 SY OOD Placements


Approve:  A) Financial Reports; B) Board of Education’s Monthly Certification; C) Approve Attendance and Work Related Travel and/or Workshop Expenses; D) Approve Related Service Providers for the 2020/2021 SY; E) Approve Use of Vendors; F) Accept Safety Grant from NJSBAIG; G) Accept Donation to Parenting Center; H) Accept Donation to Beyond the Bell Afterschool Program; I) Approve Settlement Agreement w/ Atalian US NorthEast; J) Refund Unexpended Special Revenue Funds; K) Apply for & Accept Alyssa’s Law Compliance Grant Funds; L) Approve Contract w/ Strauss Esmay for the 2020/2021 SY


Approve Curriculum:  A) Revised Math/Science K-8 Kindergarten Math; B) Revised Math/Science K-8 Grade 1 Math; C) Revised Math/Science K-8 Grade 4 Math; D) Revised Math/Science K-8 Grade 5 Math; E) Revised Math/Science K-8 Kindergarten Science); F) Revised Math/Science K-8 Grade 1 Science; G)Revised Math/Science K-8 Grade 4 Science; H) Revised Math/Science K-8 Grade 5 Science; I)Revised World Languages/ELL K-12 AP French Language & Culture; J) Revised World Languages/ELL K-12 AP Italian Language & Culture; K) Revised World Languages/ELL K-12 Teaching Foreign Languages to Elementary Students (FLES); L)Revised World Languages/ELL K-12 ELL K-5 Newcomer; M) Revised World Languages/ELL K-12 Grade 6 Spanish; N) Revised World Languages/ELL K-12 Grade 7 Spanish; O) Revised World Languages/ELL K-12 Grade 8 Spanish; P) Revised World Languages/ELL K-12 Italian 2/2HN; Q) Revised World Languages/ELL K-12 Grade 9 Mandarin 1; R) Revised World Languages/ELL K-12 Mandarin II; S) Revised World Languages/ELL K-12 Spanish 1; T) New World Languages/ELL K-12 ESL Grade 6-12 Newcomer; U) New English Language Arts K-12 Grade 6 Poetry New Unit; V) New English Language Arts K-12 Grade 6 Social Issues Book Clubs Unit: W) New English Language Arts K-12 Grade 7 Poetry Unit; X) New English Language Arts K-12 Personal Narrative: Crafting Powerful Life Stories


Approve:  Transfer or Removal of Non Domiciled Student 


Adopt Board Policies

  • Policy 0131 Bylaws and Policies

  • Policy 0163 Quorum

  • Policy 0164.1 Annual Agenda Planning

  • Policy 0177 Professional Services

  • Policy 2363 Student use of Privately-owned Technology

  • Policy 2431.3 Heat Participation Policy for Student-Athletic Safety

  • Policy 2431.8 Varsity Letters for interscholastic Extracurricular Activities

  • Policy 2435 NJSIAA Random Testing for Interscholastic Athletics

  • Policy 3321 Acceptable Use of Computer Network(s)/Computers and Resources by Teaching Staff Members

  • Policy 5337 Service Animals


Policies for First Reading:

  • Policy 0165 Voting

  • Policy 0166 Closed Session

  • Policy 0172 Duties of Treasurer of School Monies

  • Policy 0174 Legal Services

  • Policy 0175 Contracts with Independent Consultants

  • Policy 0176 Collective Bargaining and Contract Approval/Ratification

  • Policy 0171 Duties of President and Vice Presidents

  • Policy 0142 Board Member Qualifications

  • Policy 0171 Duties of President and Vice President


Approve Memorandum of Understanding


Approve District QSAC Committee Members


Approve Submission of Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR) Self-Assessment to the NJDOE for the 2019-2020 School Year






PUBLIC SESSION, November 16, 2020  INFO


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Meeting ID: 173 246 2346

Meeting PW: 67264320


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Public Comment

Community members can submit comments and questions to the Board of Education during the Public Speaks portion of the meeting. To submit a question or concern to the Board of Education, please visit our online Hearing of Individuals and Delegations / Public Speaks web page.  (


The Board of Education will meet in Closed Session on Monday, December 14, 2020 at 6:30 pm via online video conference platform to discuss personnel and legal issues, negotiations and other matters to be announced at a later date.  Immediately following the Closed Session, the Board of Education will meet in Public Session at 7:30 pm using the online video conference platform.  The community can view the meeting by following the steps below.  Action will be taken. 

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