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PDF icon A. 2021.10.18 Regular Meeting Minutes.pdf417 KB
PDF icon B. SOMW Underhill Field - 2021_11-15 DRAFT present (1).pdf6.25 MB
PDF icon B. Policy 0143.2 Student Representatives to the Board of Education - 2nd read 11-15-21.pdf131.12 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 1540.1 Supervisory Employee Relationship - 1st read 11-15-21.pdf303.14 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2417 STUDENT INTERVENTION AND REFERRAL SERVICES (M) - 1st read 11-15-21.pdf402.49 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2421 Career and Technical Education - 1st read 11-15-21.pdf514.07 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2425 Emergeny Virtual or Remote Instruction Program - 2nd read 11-15-21.pdf184.83 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2431 ATHLETIC COMPETITION (M) - 2nd read 11-15-21.pdf394.74 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2467 Surrogate Parents and Resource Family Parents - 1st read 11-15-21.pdf446.45 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3283 Electronic Communication School Staff - 1st read 11-15-21.pdf406.16 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 4219 Commercial Driver_s Licence Controlled Substance and Alcohol Abuse - 1st read 11-15-21.pdf542.66 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 4283 Electronic Communicatons between Support Staff members and students - 1st read 11-15-21.pdf373.98 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5111 Eligibility of Resident-Non-Resident Students - 1st read 11-15-21.pdf494.15 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5460.02 Bridge Year Pilot Program - 1st read 11-15-21.pdf200.6 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 7450 Property Inventory - 1st read 11-15-21.pdf239.33 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 8467 Weapons - 1st read 11-15-21.pdf363.82 KB
PDF icon C. 4216 Personnel Resolution PUBLIC.docx.pdf143.85 KB
PDF icon C. 4217 Substitute Resolution.pdf102.66 KB
PDF icon C. 4218 11.15.2021 OUT OF DISTRICT PLACEMENTS (PUBLIC) 2021-2022 Extended and School Year.pdf164.41 KB
PDF icon C. 4219 A-N FINANCIALS.pdf149.86 KB
PDF icon C. 4220 November 15, 2021 Field Trip Resolution.docx.pdf82.89 KB
PDF icon C. 4221 Affirmation of HIB for the month of Oct 2021.docx.pdf31.95 KB
PDF icon C. 4222 Confidential Special Education Settlement Agreement - Nov 2021.pdf46.01 KB
PDF icon C. 4223 Adopt Board policies - Nov 2021.docx.pdf45.36 KB
PDF icon C. 4224 Approve Sidebar Agreement with SOMEA for the 21-22 SY.docx.pdf44.06 KB
PDF icon C. 4225 Amicus Resolution .pdf54.85 KB