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PDF icon A. 2022.02.08 Special Meeting Policy Committee minutes.pdf269.83 KB
PDF icon A. 2022.02.24 Regular Meeting Minutes.pdf367.34 KB
PDF icon A. 2022.02.28 Special Meeting Minutes.pdf158.06 KB
PDF icon A. March Board Recognitions_2022_v2.docx.pdf119.71 KB
PDF icon B. Policies 3233 Political Activities 1st read - 3-21-22.pdf221.18 KB
PDF icon B. Policies 4233 Polical Activities - 1st read 3-21-22.pdf218.32 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 0156 Board Representatives 2nd read - 3-21-22.pdf216.94 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 1648.11 The Road Forward COVID-19 - Health and Safety 1st read 3-21-22.pdf338.61 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2415.04 Parental Involvement - 2nd read 3-21-22.pdf302.51 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2480 Alternative Education Programs 1st Read - 3-21-22.pdf113.42 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 7436 Drug Free Workplace - 2nd read 3-21-22.pdf225.99 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 7510 Use of School Facilites - 1st read 3-21-22.pdf376.58 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 7540 Joint Use of Facilities - 1st read 3-21-22.pdf201.1 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 8330 Student Records - 2nd read 3-21-22.pdf408.01 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 9130 Public Complaints and Grievances - 2nd read 3-21-22.pdf646.51 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 9560 Administration of School Surveys 1st read 3-21-22.pdf347.71 KB
PDF icon B. District Action Plans - March 21, 2022 UPDATE (4).pdf4.97 MB
PDF icon B. III Year 1 Review and Year 2 Considerations.pptx (3).pdf4.62 MB
PDF icon C. 4271 Personnel Resolution PUBLIC.pdf467.09 KB
PDF icon C. 4272 Substitute Resolution.pdf25.65 KB
PDF icon C. 4273 3.21.2022 OUT OF DISTRICT PLACEMENTS (PUBLIC)_ 2021-2022 Extended and School Year.pdf167.68 KB
PDF icon C. 4274 A-P FINANCIALS.pdf225.69 KB
PDF icon C. 4275 March 21, 2022 Curriculum Resolution.pdf93.8 KB
PDF icon C. 4276 March 21, 2022 Field Trip Resolution.pdf80.1 KB
PDF icon C. 4277 Registration Removal Resolution (PUBLIC).docx (1).pdf47.56 KB
PDF icon C. 4278 Affirmation of HIB for the Month of Feb 2022.docx.pdf32.08 KB
PDF icon C. 4279 A-G Confidential Special Education Settlement Agreement - Mar 2022.pdf58.81 KB
PDF icon C. 4280 A-E Adopt Board policies - March 2022.docx.pdf52.27 KB
PDF icon C. 4281 SOMSD Intentional Integration Year 2 (2).pdf64.83 KB