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PDF icon A. 2022.08.01. Special Meeting Board Retreat.pdf97.52 KB
PDF icon A. 2022.08.25 Regular Meeting Public minutes final.pdf464.26 KB
PDF icon A. September Board Recognitions_2022.docx.pdf72.63 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 0155.1_Board Members Participation at Board Meetings Using Electronic Device_2nd Read_September 2022.docx.pdf63.05 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 0167 Public Participation in Board Meetings_1st Read_ September 2022 (SOMSD).docx.pdf106.01 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2415 EVERY STUDENT SUCCEEDS ACT (M)1st Read_September 2022.pdf121.31 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2415.06 Unsafe School Choice Options_2nd Read_September 2022.docx.pdf147.2 KB
PDF icon B. POLICY 2415.50 TITLE I - SCHOOL, FAMILY & PARENT_GUARDIAN ENGAGEMENT_1st Read_September 2022.docx.pdf92.06 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2425 Emergency Virtual or Remote Instruction Program_1st Read_ September 2022.pdf238.97 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2426 Study Skills - 2nd Read - September 2022.docx.pdf60.05 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2451 - Adult High School_2nd Read_September 2022.docx.pdf101.77 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5517 School District Identification Cards_2nd_Read_September 2022.docx.pdf74.52 KB
PDF icon B. POLICY 8550 Unpaid Meal Charges_2nd Read_September 2022.docx.pdf118.24 KB
PDF icon C. 4342 Personnel Resolution PUBLIC.pdf532.98 KB
PDF icon C. 4343 Substitute Resolution.pdf173.02 KB
PDF icon C. 4344 9.29.2022 OUT OF DISTRICT PLACEMENTS (PUBLIC) 2022-2023 Regular School Year.pdf155.54 KB
PDF icon C. 4345A-O FINANCIALS.pdf177.01 KB
PDF icon C. 4346 Curriculum Resolution September 29, 2022.docx.pdf103.49 KB
PDF icon C. 4347 Field Trip Resolution September 29, 2022.docx.pdf89.82 KB
PDF icon C. 4348 Book Adoption Resolution September 29, 2022.pdf110.07 KB
PDF icon C. 4349 New Course Proposal Resolution September 29, 2022.pdf59.73 KB
PDF icon C. 4350 Affirmation of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) Investigations for the Month of August 2022.pdf109.51 KB
PDF icon C. 4351 A-F Abolish_Adopt Board Policies - 2022.09.29.pdf48.22 KB
PDF icon C. 4352 A-D Confidential Special Education Settlement Agreement - September 2022 (1).pdf46.89 KB
PDF icon C. 4353 Approve Emergency Virtual or Remote Instructional Program for the 2022-23 School Year.pdf75.89 KB
PDF icon C. 4354 Approve Tuition Free Student(s) for the 2022_23 SY.pdf106.84 KB
PDF icon C. 4355 Approve Amended BOE Committees for the 2022 Calendar Year.pdf132.77 KB
PDF icon C. 4356 Confidential Settlement Agreement - September 2022 (1).pdf37.72 KB