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PDF icon A. Board Recognition - June 2019.pdf172.18 KB
PDF icon A. 2019.05.13 Regular Meeting.pdf459.16 KB
PDF icon A. 2019.06.03 Special Meeting - Retirees (1).pdf64.72 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 1550 Affirmative action program for employment and contract practices - 2nd read 6-13-19.pdf97.11 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2610 Educational Program Assessment - 2nd read 6-13-19.pdf97.91 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3437 Military leave - 1st read 6-13-19.pdf60.93 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3439 Jury duty - 1st read 6-13-19.pdf97.46 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 4437 Military Leave - 1st read 6-13-19.pdf61.33 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 4438 Jury Duty - 1st read 6-13-19.pdf55.41 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5600 Pupil Discipline-Code of student Conduct - 2nd read 6-13-19.pdf112.64 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5610 Suspension - 2nd read 6-13-19.pdf170.72 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5611 Removal of students for firearms offenses - 2nd read - 6-13-19.pdf103.49 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5612 Assaults on district board of education members or employees - 2nd read 6-13-19.pdf100.94 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5620 Expulsion - 2nd read 6-13-19.pdf181.52 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 7440 School District Security - 2nd read 6-13-19.pdf217.71 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 9560 Admin of School Surveys - 2nd read 6-13-19.pdf151.01 KB
PDF icon C 3879 Personnel Resolutions w attchmts.pdf193.34 KB
PDF icon C 3880 Substitute Resolutions.pdf11.32 KB
PDF icon C. 3881- 6.13.2019 OUT OF DISTRICT PLACEMENTS (PUBLIC) A_2018-19RSY & B_2019ESY (2).pdf290.44 KB
PDF icon C. 3882A-AAD FINANCIALS.pdf631.93 KB
PDF icon resolution 3882AB attachment athletic supplies.pdf229.83 KB
PDF icon C. 3883 Field Trip Resolution (1).pdf74.11 KB
PDF icon C. 3884 Adopt Board Policies - June 2019.pdf109 KB
PDF icon C. 3885 Affirmation of HIB for the month of April 2019.pdf97.04 KB
PDF icon C. 3886 amend resolution to appoint interim supt.pdf6.64 KB
PDF icon C. 3887 Approve Comprehensive Equity Plan SY 19-20 through 21-22.pdf72.65 KB