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PDF icon A. Board Recognition - October 2019.pdf120.97 KB
PDF icon A. 2019.08.23. Special Meeting Board Retreat Minutes (1).pdf118.17 KB
PDF icon A. 2019.09.16 Regular Meeting (1).pdf621.89 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3124 employment contract - 1st read 10-28-19.pdf99.46 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3125 employment of teaching staff members - 1st read 10-28-19.pdf196.09 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3126 District mentoring program - 1st read 10-28-19.pdf179.99 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3144 certification of tenure charges - 1st read 10-28-19.pdf100.55 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 6660 Student Activity Fund - 1st read 10-28-19.pdf214.82 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 8420 EMERGENCY AND CRISIS SITUATIONS - 1st read 10-28-19.pdf82.52 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 8507 breakfast offer versus serve - OVS - 2nd read 10-28-19.pdf153.54 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 8540 School Nutrition Programs - 2nd read 10-28-19.pdf134.82 KB
PDF icon C 3926 Personnel Resolution (4).pdf46.76 KB
PDF icon C 3927 Substitute Resolution (1).pdf15.96 KB
PDF icon C.3928 - PUBLIC 10.28.2019 OUT OF DISTRICT PLACEMENTS (PUBLIC) 2019-20 RSY (1).pdf109.19 KB
PDF icon C. 3929A-AG FINANCIALS.pdf515.57 KB
PDF icon C.3930 Book Adoption Resolution October 28, 2019.pdf84.76 KB
PDF icon C.3931 Field Trip Resolution October 28, 2019.pdf75.63 KB
PDF icon C.3932 Curriculum Resolution.pdf12.32 KB
PDF icon C.3933 approve tuition free students for the 2019-2020 school year.pdf100.3 KB
PDF icon C.3934 Approve Special Education Settlement Agreement - 10-28-19.pdf127.88 KB
PDF icon C.3935 Adopt Board Policies - Oct 2019.pdf189.93 KB
PDF icon C. 3936 Approve Submission of Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act Self-Assessment to the NJDOE for the 2018-2019 school year.pdf100.08 KB
PDF icon C. 3937 Merit Goals.pdf141.2 KB
PDF icon C.3939 Authorization To Join In The Amicus Brief Submitted in Support Of Gavin Grimm.pdf6.66 KB
PDF icon C.3940 Appointment for investigative support.pdf82.62 KB