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PDF icon A. Board Recognitions_Dec 2020_12.14.20_v2_rev.pdf61.63 KB
PDF icon A. 2020.11.16 Regular Meeting Minutes.pdf429.18 KB
PDF icon A. 2020.11.30 Special Public Meeting minutes.pdf222.5 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 0165 Voting - 2nd read 12-14-20.pdf552.86 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 0166 Executive Sessions - 2nd read 12-14-20.pdf85.59 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 0171 Duties of President and Vice president - 2nd read 12-14-20.pdf178.26 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 0172 Duties of Treasurer of Monies - 2nd read 12-14-20.pdf78.56 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 0174 Legal services - 2nd read 12-14-20.pdf219.92 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 0175 Contracts with independent consultants - 2nd read 12-14-20.pdf253.25 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 0176 Colletive Bargaining and contract approval-ratification - 2nd read 12-14-20.pdf346.95 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 1613 Disclosure and Review of Applicant_s Employment History - 1st read 12-14-20.pdf428.41 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 1642 Earned Sick Leave Law - 1st read 12-14-20.pdf343.48 KB
PDF icon B. 2021- 22 SY Calendar1.24 MB
PDF icon C. 4081 Personnel Resolution PUBLIC.pdf349.5 KB
PDF icon C. 4082 Substitute Resolution.pdf7 KB
PDF icon C. 4083 12.14.2020 OUT OF DISTRICT PLACEMENTS (Public) A_2020 ESY _ B_2020-21 RSY.pdf315.4 KB
PDF icon C. 4084A-Q FINANCIALS.pdf162.93 KB
PDF icon C. 4085 Curriculum Resolution December 14, 2020.pdf97.23 KB
PDF icon C. 4086 Approve Nursing Plan 2020-2021 SY.docx.pdf41.63 KB
PDF icon C. 4087 Adopt board policies - Dec 2020.docx.pdf36.89 KB
PDF icon C. 4088 Affirmation of HIB for the month of November2020.docx.pdf31.57 KB
PDF icon C. 4089A-B Confidential Spec Ed Settlement Agreement - Dec. 2020.docx.pdf52.89 KB
PDF icon C. 4090 Approve 2021-2022 SY Calendar.pdf174.83 KB
PDF icon C. 4091 Approve Submission of NJ QSAC for the 2019-2020 School Year - Dec 2020.pdf42.02 KB