Regular Session - May 16, 2022

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Monday, May 16, 2022 - 7:30pm
School District of South Orange Maplewood, 525 Academy Street, Maplewood, NJ 07040
Monday, May 16, 2022
In-Person and Using online video conference platform
(The instructions are placed at the end of the agenda)
Call to Order – Announcement of Notice
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Board Recognitions
Approval of Board Minutes:  Executive Session and Special Meeting Minutes - Curriculum & Instruction - April 5, 2022, Executive Session and Regular Meeting Minutes - April 18, 2022, Executive Session and Special Meeting Minutes - Budget Hearing - April 28, 2022
The school board meeting is a business meeting in public and not a meeting with the public.  Oftentimes it may appear to members of our audience that the Board of Education takes action with very little comment and in many cases a unanimous vote.  Before a matter is placed on the agenda at a public meeting, the Administration has thoroughly reviewed the matter with the Superintendent of Schools/Chief School Administrator (CSA).  If the Superintendent of Schools/Chief School Administrator is satisfied that the matter is ready to be presented to the Board of Education, it is then referred to the appropriate Board Committee.  The Members of the Board Committee work with Administration and the Superintendent to assure that the members fully understand the matter.  After the committee discusses the matter, it is then shared with the other Board members for consideration.  Only then is it placed on the agenda for Board discussion and action at a public meeting.
  • CSA Evaluation Training with NJSBA
  • SOMSD Report on Suspensions/Restorative Practices 2018 - 2022 SY
  • Ratified Negotiated Agreement w/ SOMEA
Please note that Public Speaks is not a time for dialogue with the Board of Education – It is an opportunity for you to share a comment with the Board of Education. In addition, by law, administrators and Board of Education members are not permitted to publicly discuss personnel matters, student discipline, or other issues requiring confidentiality.  While we may not respond to comments, all input shared with the Board of Education is taken very seriously, and will inform future deliberations and work by the Board of Education and its committees.  
  • Committee Reports
Approve:  A) Memorial; B) Retirement; C) Resignations; D) Abandonment of Job; E) Appointment; F) Appointment of Leave Replacement Staff; G) Appointment for the 2022/23 SY; H) Appointment of Leave Replacement Staff for the 2022/23 SY; I) Leaves of Absences; J) Salary Adjustments; K) Job Descriptions; L) Summer Employment
Approve:  A) Appointment of Substitute Teacher(s) for the 2021/22 SY; B) Appointment of Substitute Teacher for the 2021/22 SY Paid at the Daily Rate $160; C) Appointment of Substitute Secretary for the 2021/22 SY Paid at the Hourly Rate $18.00; D) Appointment of Summer Substitute Teachers for the 2022/23 SY Paid at the Daily Rate $110
Approve:  A) 2021/22 SY Out of District Placements; B) 2022 Extended SY Out of District Placements and 2022/23 SY Out of District Placements;
Approve:  A) Financial Reports; B) Board of Education’s Monthly Certification; C) Approve Attendance And Work Related Travel and/or Workshop Expenses; D) Approve Board Member Attendance and Related Travel Expenses; E) Related Service Providers; F) Use of Vendors; G) Renewal of Food Service Management Contract for 2022-2023; H) Renew Contract for Refuse Disposal Services; I) Renew Contract for Environmental Testing; J) Renew Contract for Fire Alarm Services for the 2022/23 SY; K) Renew Contract for Security Services; L) Renew Bid for Lunch Monitor Services; M) Award Bid for Paraprofessional Services; N) Apply for 2022 Safety Grant from NJEIF; O) Special Education Tuition Agreement with Union County Educational Services Commission for the 2022/23 SY; P) Renew Contract for Integrated Pest Management for the 2022/23 SY; Q) Renew Contract for Insurance Broker of Record - Health Benefits; R) Agreement with Delta Dental for Employee Dental Benefits; S) Agreement with Educational Services Commission of New Jersey for Coordinated Transportation for the 2022/23 SY; T) Appoint Schenck, Price, Smith & King Law Firm; U) Tuition Agreement with Bergen County Special Services and Technical Schools for the 2022/23 SY; V) Rates for Summer School; W) Emergency Evacuation Agreement; X) Change Order for Renovations and Additions to Seth Boyden and Tuscan Elementary School Projects; Y) Change Order for Renovations and Additions to South Mountain and South Mountain Annex School Projects; Z) Change Order for Removal and Disposal of Asbestos Containing Material in Two Schools and the Administration Building; AA) Change Order for Renovations and Additions to Clinton and Jefferson Elementary School Projects; AB) Accept State Nonpublic Auxiliary and Handicapped Services (Chapters 192 & 193) Aid Entitlement Funds for 2021/22 SY; AC) Agreement with Playposit; AD) Submission of Application for Federal FY2023 Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Program Entitlement Funds; AE) Amended 2022 Public Board Meeting Calendar; AF) Renew Contract for HVAC and Refrigeration Repair Services
Approve:  School Field Trip Destination(s)
Approve:  Transfer or Removal of Non-Domiciled Student(s):  A) Student ID# 8244783548; B) Student ID# 2433126579; C) Student ID# 6877627753; D) Student ID# 5775925054; E) Student ID# 1210484401; F) Student ID# 43177129775; G) Student ID# 9034623968

Approve:  Affirmation Of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying  (HIB) Investigations For The Month Of April 2022


Abolish and Adopt Board Policies

Second Reading & Adoption

A.      2415.05 Student Surveys, Analysis and/or Evaluations

B.      2431.4 Prevention & Treatment of Sport-related Concussions & Head Injuries

C.      3134 Assignment of Additional Duties

D.     5124 Internal Student Transfers

E.      5541 Anti-Hazing

F.       8830 Patriotic Observances

G.     8465 Bias Crimes & Bias-Related Acts

H.     9713 Recruitment by Special Interests

First Reading

1.      1648.15 Recordkeeping for Healthcare Settings in School Buildings - COVID-19

2.      9400 News Media Relations

3.      9410 Broadcast Media Relations

Approve:  Student Participation in School Events
Approve:  Ratify Negotiated Agreement with South Orange/Maplewood Education Association (SOMEA)      
4307 Approve:  Mission Statements for Standing Committees
Join By Computer / Smartphone
Choose one of three options:
Hearings of Individuals and Delegations / Public Speaks - Audio Comment
In addition to written comments, community members can sign up to provide audio comments to the Board of Education. Audio comments can be provided by connecting to the district's Webex platform during a scheduled Board of Education meeting.
Step 1 - Install Webex on your device.
Step 2 - Submit a Request To Speak
Submit a request to speak during the public comment section of BOE meeting by completing the following form:
Step 3 - Connect To The BOE Meeting
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Event: Board of Education Meeting - Public Session
Date / Time: May 16, 2022 - 7:30 PM
Webex Link: Webex Link
Event Number: 2341 397 7256
Event Password: Orange20Maple (67264320 from phones)
Telephone Number: 408-418-9388
Please check your audio connections are set correctly. Failure to do so will prevent you from being heard during the public speaks portion of the meeting.
Step 4 - Provide your audio comment
During your turn to speak, your microphone will be unmuted. Please speak clearly into the microphone/headset. After your time for public speaks has passed, your microphone will be muted.
The Board of Education will meet in Public Session on Monday, June 6, 2022 at 7:30 pm in the District Meeting Room, 525 Academy Street, Maplewood, NJ in person and utilizing an online video conference platform to honor retirees and celebrate staff accomplishments.  Action will not be taken.
The Board of Education will meet in Closed Session on Monday, June 27, 2022 at 6:30 pm in the Superintendent’s Office, 525 Academy Street, Maplewood, NJ, as well as using an online video conference platform to discuss personnel and legal issues, negotiations, and other matters to be announced at a later date.  Immediately following the Closed Session, the Board of Education will meet in Public Session at 7:30 pm in the District Meeting Room, 525 Academy Street, Maplewood, NJ in person and utilizing an online video conference platform which will include Hearing of Individuals.  The community can view the meeting by following the steps which will be listed on the agenda. If there are members of the community who would like to attend the meeting in person, please note that masks and social distancing are optional in accordance with the guidance received from the local DOH and the CDC. Action will be taken.
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