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PDF icon ~C. 3431 Personnel Fiscal rev.pdf866.73 KB
PDF icon ~C. 3432 Personnel Substitute rev.pdf72.29 KB
PDF icon A. 2016.06.20 minutes.pdf446.43 KB
PDF icon A. 2016.07.07 special meeting minutes.pdf65.12 KB
PDF icon A. Board Recognition July 2016 - NEW.pdf69.39 KB
PDF icon B. Columbia HS Update Presentation - 2016.07.18.pdf2.89 MB
PDF icon B. Policy 0142 Board Member Qualifications - 2nd read - 07-18-16 - Copy.pdf115.6 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 1530 Equal Employment Opportunity - 2nd read - 7-18-16 - Copy.pdf225.86 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 2260 AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PROGRAM FOR SCHOOL AND CLASSROOM PRACTICES - 2nd read - 07-18-16 - Copy.pdf85.6 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 3362 SEXUAL and WORKPLACE HARASSMENT - 2nd read -07-18-16 - Copy.pdf233.12 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 4352 Sexual and Workshop harassment - 2nd read - 07-18-16 - Copy.pdf232.99 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5750 Equal Educational Opportunity - 2nd read -07-18-16.pdf150.72 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5750.1 Student Disabilities Pursuant To Section 504 Of The Rehabilitation Act Of 1973.pdf133.87 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5755 Equity In Educational Programs And Services - 2nd read -07-18-16.pdf235.87 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 5756 TRANSGENDER AND GENDER NONCONFORMING STUDENTS - 1st read 07-18-16.pdf169.48 KB
PDF icon B. Policy 8465 Hate Crimes And Bias Incidents In Schools - 2nd read -07-18-16.pdf234.78 KB
PDF icon C. 3430 Comprehensive Equity Plan 2016-2019.pdf72.87 KB
PDF icon C. 3433 Approved 2016-17 Field Trips Destinations July 18, 2016.pdf505.22 KB
PDF icon C. 3434 Out of Dist Placements public 2016.07.12.pdf140.24 KB
PDF icon C. 3436 A-B Approve Spec Ed Settlement Agrmnts - July 2016.pdf176.66 KB
PDF icon C. 3435 Affirmation of HIB for the Month of June 2016.pdf97.92 KB
PDF icon C. 3437 Approve Vacation Carryover.pdf7.4 KB
PDF icon C. 3438 Adopt Board Policies - June 2016.pdf115.04 KB
PDF icon C. 3439 A-V FINANCIALS.pdf309.94 KB